How can college students have a positive impact on the environment?



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    Speaking as a college student that cares about the environment. I take the bus to still every day, it saves the environment and gives me time to study. I also use re-usable canvass grocery bags, in addition to walking to the grocery store that I live near.

    They can also become environmental studies, meteorology, or other earth science majors. Or, they could major in something else and apply that to the environment. Example, I am a politics major but I am interested in the environment because that is the future, we all share this one earth.

    If you have the chance you can also post on Facebook, give speeches, or conduct other forms of citizen action to raise awareness for the environment. Finally, you can elect representatives that care about environmental causes.

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    There are a lot of things that college students can do to have a positive impact on the environment. Many of them are practical like recycling and donating or selling back text books. College students tend to use a lot of paper plates, paper towels, and plastic cups so try to avoid using these types of products. Also, check for any university clubs and organizations dedicated to the environment. Volunteering for community events like park clean-ups is another positive thing college students have the option of doing. Unplugging laptop chargers when they aren’t charging is a good way to save electricity.

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    Here are some things individual college students to be more green:
    -join an environmentally-themed club
    -attend a student government meeting and see if they have a sustainability committee.
    -buy used textbooks
    -eat local, vegan, and organic options at the dining hall.
    -live in a green-themed residence
    -unplug all appliances when they’re not in use.
    -find out if your campus has a sustainability office: if they do, find out what programming they offer and get involved, if not, then try to establish one.

    see what more students are doing at

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    College students can also cut down on the amount of paper they use. If professors give the option to submit essays via email, do that. If you can, read articles online instead of printing everything. In addition, unplugging refrigerators and other applicances during long breaks is also helpful for the environment. 

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