How can Christmas trees be recycled?



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    There are many ways to do that. If You have a tree with its roots, just plant it in your yard and enjoy how it makes everybody’s life better..

    May You have not bought a tree with roots (the best way out there) You can use it for fire wood in a year or two, just store it with the rest of your firewood.

    May You have no woodstove or fireplace, compost it. Run is through a shredder and You are good to go.

    May You have no shredder, or compost barrel of any kind, leave it as is and it will take care of itself.

    But next year: think first and do not buy cut/dead tree.



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    In the past, I have had just replanted the tree in my backyard. Every year we uproot a tree from our yard and plant it back. This is a great way to not cut down a tree and recycle it from year to year. You can also compost the tree if you need the extra vegetation.

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    We have replanted trees in the past, and when we have a tree we can’t replant – we cut up the trunk and limbs for firewood for the following year and use the needles for mulch in our garden.

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    You could use the wood to build something, like a bird house. I’ve also used rings cut from my tree to make ornaments and prop up the couch.

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