How can children be encouraged to be more eco friendly?



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    There are so many resources out there to help raise eco-friendly kids. First and foremost, I would say, is to lead by example. Do as you would have them do, recycle what you can in front of them, have them help in their chores (or make it a game-yogurt container basketball, etc), buy recycleable products, emphasize turning off unused electrical items or water at home, etc. Also, environment is “in” as they say, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding environmentally minded books, movies, and even games out there to teach kids the principles of being eco-friendly. Taking them to zoos, museums, or on nature walks (camping!) can teach them what it is that they are helping to protect by their actions at home.

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    Definitely get them into recycling. My grandmother got me into recycling at a young age and I have been doing so ever since. Also, get them involved in their community. I am grateful to have been as involved in my community as I was back in El Paso, and still am involved in the community here in Austin. Although our planet is getting somewhat better, it is still mistreated; our youth need to understand the importance of protecting it. By informing them at a young age and getting them involved, they will remain committed to conserving it for a long time.

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    I absolutely agree that example is an excellent way to teach, though I think awareness is just as important. Speaking anecdotally, I was the one in my family to introduce serious recycling and composting, and I credit it solely to environmental education and awareness in school (with a little help from shows like Captain Planet!). In addition to the games, television shows, books, films, even songs dedicated to environmental awareness in children, I would add things like field trips. Almost any outdoor location can be used to help teach eco-friendliness – a local park, zoo, or botanical garden can all be used to teach the importance of respecting wildlife, a local farm can be used to teach the importance of sustainability, a trip to the beach the importance of recycling. The possibilities are endless!

    For a couple online resources, see the links below.

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    These are all great ways. When I was little my mom’s work had a garbage clean up in this giant park, and we got to climb around in the woods and collect trash. It doesn’t sound quite as fun now, but I had a blast, I think we even got matching jackets.

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    I think children should learn about being eco friendly from an early age. A good way to introduce them to being eco friendly is through games. I think schools should have educational games that are interactive. This can be done on the computer too since children like playing games on the computer.

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