How can a child be eco friendly?



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    Even very young children can learn about recycling and protecting the environment. In my classroom of two and three year olds, the children know which parts of their lunch can be recycled, that they shouldn’t leave the water running, and that things should be reused when possible.

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    They can recycle and teach other students about being environmentally friendly. Spreading knowledge about being green is the most important part of the environmental movement. It can only exist with the spread of information. Children need to start being eco-friendly and buy good products at a young age, so that when they get older they do the same. 

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    There are many ways that children are getting involved. There are programs that are being done in classrooms and through out schools to teach children how to become more environmentally friendly. There are also programs shown on children’s favorite TV shows that encourage them to become aware of what they are using and how it can be reused or recycled. Some of these programs also get kids involved in their communities and in national organizations. One organization is called The Big Help and is ran through Nickelodeon. 

    To find out more information about The Big Help go to:

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    Children can definitely be taught energy conservation at a young age. Turning off the lights, watching less TV, and not playing with plugged-in toys can help. They can also reuse items, fabric scraps, old clothing, and similar items by making fun toys out of the discarded items or learning how to donate.

    There are also eco-friendly school supplies children can use (see link below), instead of the usual environmentally-damaging items.

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    There are a lot of school programs that try to teach children how to become more environmentally friendly. Here’s one that has earned several awards for its work.

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