How can cars reduce the amount of friction they cause on the roads?



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    Tires with less traction create less friction on the roads; however, these tires can be extremely dangerous, making your vehicle not be able to stop quickly and susceptible to skidding. In general, lighter weight cars create less friction than heavier cars, so if you’re wanting to reduce friction, consider a lighter weight are and driving more slowly. 

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    Another thing that’s extremely damaging to roads is the use of snow chains.  Here where I live in Seattle, people neglect to take them off when they get into the city.  So, instead of waiting until they get home to take of their chains, they could pull over once the snow stops and remove them so that they are not driving with chains on bare pavement.

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    Frictional force is a function of directional force and the coefficient of friction — directional force can be reduced by reducing the weight of the car being driven. Reducing the coefficient of friction by reducing the traction of the tires is dangerous, as friction is absolutely necessary for pure rolling motion to occur (as opposed to, essentially, skidding).

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