How can buildings be naturally cooled?



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    Also known as “passive cooling”, naturally cooling a building can be done several ways. Shading is one such was which can be done by putting shades, sun screens, or roll-up shades over windows. Depending on how big the building is a trellis with vines covering it could also be used to shade outside of windows. Making the walls and roof of the building reflective will also help keep it cool. There are different materials which can do this including reflective paint, also known as “cool paint”.

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    The best way you can cool a building is if you take cooling into consideration before building it.  I have a friend who built his home out of clay, which has excellent thermal properties.  It’s slow to absorb and release heat, so his house stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer and he is one of the few people in southern Chile who doesn’t have to worry about gathering firewood to heat his home.  He also has a green roof which helps keep things cool. 

    The man in this video also took care in designing his home in regards to its orientation to the sun and the placement of windows.  He explains how they work to keep his desert home cool in this video.  


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