How can birth control help the environment?



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    Birth control can help the environment by reducing the amount of people consuming the earth’s resources and producing greenhouse gases. According to a recent study by the London School of Economics, every $7 spent on family planning over the next four decades would reduce global carbon dioxide emissions by more than a metric ton.   

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    Birth control helps the environment by controlling the population. By using birth control, many younger women and men have the option not to start a family when they are sixteen. By doing this, they have the time to grow into more mature adults with more of a monetary support system to actually raise a child successfully. I am not saying that every sixteen year old with a kid does not raise it successfully, because some people were meant to have kids. What I am saying, is by delaying the age in which kids are born gives the parents more time to be prepared, get educated and understand what it means to have a kid. This lowers the poverty rate and the abuse on the environment.

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    If population growth is controlled, resource consumption can be maintained at sustainable levels.  When population growth is too high, however, resources are used faster than they can be naturally replaced, and thus, are depleted.  Resource depletion and land degradation are, obviously, not “helpful” to the environment.  So, in turn, regulating population growth through the use of contraceptives is indirectly beneficial to the environment. 

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