How can anthropology be used to help the environment?



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    In short, yes. Please refer to these two critical links to fully answer how and why:

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    Anthropology can be useful because it brings insight into the human factor. Humans live with and in the environment, so to better understand those relationships will be beneficial to the environment as well. The impact of human society and civilization is massive and we are only beginning to get a glimpse. If we are constantly studying the environment, we also need to study ourselves because we will always be a part of the equation (until we go extinct).

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    Anthropology is the study of human and cultural interaction within a social environment. Environmental anthropology is looking at the relationship between people/cultures and their surroundings without any bias to the specific culture or environment. In this sense, there is a lot of ways that environmental anthrolpolgy can be used to better the environment. 

    For example, public policy making is essential in raising environmental awareness, as well as making the changes necessary to promote quality human interaction and conservation of the environment. Making sustainable living conditions is a goal for environmental anthropologists in that combines ecological resources and social dynamics.

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