How can artists create art using natural forces?



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    One way is utilizing the oxidizing rate of various metals such as copper or brass which show a “patina” or aging which gives of various colors such as a deep teal or dark brown. Depending on the type of art (painting sculpting or photography) an artist may also use the changing seasons to provide various effects on their piece, such as leaving the shutter open on a camera to allow for a higher filtration of light. Another means would be to expose a painting to sun and rain in order to age the paint in a way that gives it a very natural and ‘weathered’ feel.

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    That is a cool answer, vulcan! Mine is a little more outside the box: Aren’t all artists using natural forces to create their art (because the human body is a product of nature, and we have to use our hands and our bio-mechanical energy to create art)? An example of an artist creating art from only natural forces would be a sandcastle. Or someone who created a sculpture from tree brances and berries…

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    There is a truly amazing site specific environmental art piece in the high desert of Southeastern New Mexico called “The Lightening Field”. Made in 1977 by California conceptual artist Walter De Maria, this piece is located in a completely isolated area, making it that much more stunning. The sculpture is made of 400 stainless steel poles stuck in the earth on a 1 mile by 1 kilometer grid. When the summer storms cross over the desert, the metal poles attract lighting bolts that light up the night sky. Only a few people have seen this work in person, you have to make advance reservations for simple cabin accommodations at the site. But it is open to the public!

    Walter DeMaria - the Lightning Field - stroke

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