How can apartments be more eco friendly than houses?



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    The most obvious way is that an apartment complex allows a larger number of people to live in a smaller footprint.  Past that, it’s up to the developers who build apartment complexes and homes to build them greener, as well as individuals who live in either to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.  There are a number of ways someone living in an apartment can reduce, recylce and reuse, just as someone in a home.  Also, apartment dwellers can get together and do communal gardening or even small container gardening in their apartments or on their balconies or rooftops.  The link attached has some other ways people have made a difference in their apartments.

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    Heating should generally take less resources in an apartment, as those around you are also heating their apartments. Also, as Valkyrie mentioned, less space per person is used than in traditional homes. Think of a a high-rise apartment complex that is in the same amount of land that some homes are, etc.

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    When people live in an apartment building in a city, they are also less likely to use a car for transportation and more likely to rely on walking, biking, and public transport. If all those people lived in houses in the same area, the city would be significantly more spread out and people would have to travel farther to get places and me more likely to use a car.

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