How can apartment-dwellers without a yard start a garden?



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    There are tons of resources out there to help you start a garden from your balcony.  If you have a balcony, this can be done with no problem.  You can have what people refer to as a ‘container garden’ – instead of planting your veggies and herbs in the ground, they’ll all be in pots and other containers.  You can also have hanging plants like the upside down tomato plants (many other veggies can be grown this way).   Certain plants species do very well in containers, and some are actually selected because they thrive in them.

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    Individuals without a yard can also investigate community garden projects in their cities. Schools and communities that are striving to become more eco-friendly may offer garden space for you to work in, for rent or for free. For example, Wayne State University of Detroit offers raised bed rentals to students, faculty, and other associated members. This school also has a program that allows you to volunteer in the campus gardens and take home produce throughout the growing season. New community gardens have been springing up in the neighborhoods quite rapidly lately, so hopefully there would be an option available to the apartment-dwellers in question.

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