How can anyone believe in climate change?



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    This strikes me as an attempt to get an argument going. If you have a question about something specific please feel free to ask it.

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    Why does anybody believe anything? Most people believe it, most SMART people believe it, the scientific community has reached a consensus, and publicly available evidence seems to confirm it.

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    There is plenty of evidence around us that the climate is changing. Extreme weather conditions such a tsunamis and hurricanes. Incredible heat waves. The climate is changing and doing dramatic things. Its difficult not to notice the change.

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    Disregarding your antagonistic tone, there’s always climate change. There is no exception and there never will be as long as the earth exists. For instance, ice ages in the past occurred cyclically and without human activity driving it, and there will be natural alterations of the climate in the future.

    However, if you’re referring to anthropogenic climate change, then it’s plausible that some people don’t believe it, and they’re entitled to such an opinion. Most sound science offers evidence to the contrary, however, but it’s still a relatively recent phenomena that will be studied for many years to come.

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    This is a very open-ended question. Any particular point you could bring up that we could start off with?

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