How can Americans understand how their water use impacts other countries?



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    I think that the only answer for this is education. People need to know how our actions and daily lives affect people all over the place. This will take quite a bit of work, as most of us are pretty set in our ways. 

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    Water is an enormous issue in every country, even more so for ones where people have little to no access to clean drinking water (about 1.1 billion people worldwide). The only way Americans can understand the value of water is for them to learn about all the water conflicts that have been and still are going on all around the world. Water is a very important issue for all places. China’s new Three Gorges Damn has displaced 1.3 million people. 45% of sub-Saharan Africa lacks access to clean drinking water. Most of these people have to walk over five miles to access unsanitary water. This is still going on all over the world and Americans need to use this information to properly value water as the most important resource that it is. 

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