How can algae be turned into fuel?



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    The San Diego Center for Algae Biotechnology ( is one of the leading (and first!) partnerships towards the research of algae biotechnology. Comprising of a consortium of researchers from local universities and industries, this organization provides great educational materials as to how algae can be turned into biofuels. The Q&A section ( answers many questions about the potential and feasibility of algae biofuels. Algae is processed in a similar way to other types of biofuels, but can be harvested much more sustainably and generates a larger yield.

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    Solazyme , a San Francisco company, grows algae in the dark in large stainless steel containers. Genetically modified algae is mixed with regular algae and feed sugar to increase production of oil. Half of algae’s weight is oil, and this lipid oil can be used to make biodiesel to power cars, trucks, and planes. A Texas company, Valcent Products, has closed vertical system that has hundreds of rows of moving plastic bags (called vertigo). This system is powered by solar, which causes photosynthesis in algae.

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