How can Al Gore help save the environment when he is not really in a position of power?



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    Al Gore may no longer hold a political office, but over the years (including those before and after his run for the presidency) he has gained a great deal of credibility as an environmental activist. Between his widely distributed books, a well received documentary, and highly publicized appearances, he has become a powerful figure in his own right, without relying on political office. With regards to Gore’s credibility, the facts behind his seeminly unbiased and impartial viewpoints may have been jeopardized in the recent “Climategate” headlines. For now, time will tell whether or not his intentions are pure.

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    Everyone can help in their one way, no matter how much they influence the public, though obviously everyone helps in different ways in regards to their careers.  Personal choices and lifestyles are the key.  If one happens to have a green career, then all the better. 

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    Al Gore is a public figure who is able to publicize the importance of helping the environment.  Gore is able to take scientific facts and promote them to the public, as he is so recognizable and he has built up credibility in talking about the environment.

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