How can 8-year-old kids help?

The Girl Scouts are going green this year and our troops are looking for a project. They are second through seventh grade. Any suggestions are appreciated.



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    If child wants to volunteer in their community there are usually multiple outlets. Aside from being resource and energy conscious (i.e. recycling, turning out lights when not in use, conserving water etc.), organizations like Boys & Girls Club of America may have volunteer opportunities. The child can also take initiative by encouraging his/her classroom to help with food drives or warm clothes drives. They can donate collected food or supplies to local charity organizations or donate it to in need children in their school. The child would of course go to the teacher or a parent to help facilitate and supervise the event. Below is a link with more ideas for kids to help out:

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    Around that age, I was already an environmentalist activist.  I volunteered at the zoo, built a wetland, and traveled across the state in a PR campaign to conserve horseshoe crabs.

    Local zoos are a great place to start.  Around that age, my Girl Scout troop spent the night at the zoo.  That is a great fun activity to pair with volunteering there and a good place to start teaching about conservation.

    There are, generally speaking, lots of other projects that depend on your area.  A popular volunteer activity in my area is beach cleanup.  Talk to local science teachers for ideas that are dependent upon your geographic location.

    One project that is usually good for any location is tree-planting.

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