How is California planning on using Ice energy?



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    Ice Energy is a Colorado comapnay that has developed the Ice Bear, a system that freezes water over night when energy use is low. The Ice Bear is set up to work with Air Conditioning units so that when as the ice melts during the day, it is able to cool the building for about six hours.

    Southern California communities have teamed up with Ice Energy to install Ice Bear systems on governmental and commercial buildings as a way to reduce power usage during peak times. During the day, energy use reaches its peak. Air conditioning systems account for a lot of energy use. By using the Ice Bear systems, California communities will be able to cool their buildings using the ice from the night before and shift energy usage awy from peak times.

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    The Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA) has announced an agreeement with  Ice Energy, a leading provider of advanced energy storage solutions,  to undertake the nation’s first cost-effective, utility-scale, distributed energy storage project.

    The 53 Megawatt (MW) project, to be implemented by SCPPA member utilities throughout Southern California, will permanently reduce California’s peak electrical demand by shifting as much as 64 Gigawatt hours of on-peak electrical consumption to off-peak periods every year, reducing exposure to costly peak power and improving the reliability of the electrical grid.

    SCPPA executive director Bill Carnahan called Ice Energy’s eneryg storage technology “a convenient and cost-effective solution for managing peak demand, enabling utilities to deliver reliable, competitively priced electric service to their customers in a sustainable, environmentally-sensitive manner.”

    He added that by using storage to change how – and more importantly when – energy is consumed by air conditioning, SCPPA can offset enough peak demand in the region to serve the equivalent of 10,000 homes.

    Jeffrey Byron, Commissioner of the California Energy Commission, hailed the SCPPA project as critical to helping the State of California meet a key strategic objective: that all utilities consider energy efficiency and demand side management solutions before investing in generation resources to meet demand objectives. “This project includes all of the aspects we look for: managing electrical consumption, improving system efficiency, reducing greenhouse gases, and creating regional jobs for our communities,” said Commissioner Byron. “SCPPA is to be applauded for showing how Californians are taking the lead to deploy innovative solutions to meet our energy demands.”

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