how to build a patio roof that filters the sun

A few years ago I saw some plans for constructing a roof to a patio/deck that let 100% of the sunlight pass through on Dec. 20, but as the sun’s angles changed and as the days got hotter – less and less direct sunlight would pass through… i.e., During the cool (Tennessee) winter mornings, passive solar heat would reach the windows and wall facing east, but in the horrible, hot, humid days only filtered light would pass through to the patio/deck.

A close design is @

#1) The Big Difference is that the “Custom 2×2 Louvers” must be replaced with either 4 or 6 in. dimension lumber, placed “on edge”, and secured in a compound angle, AND precisely spaced. The compound angle is determined by our Longitude & Latitude, which my cell phone GPS indicates: Lat. = N 35°, 39′, 19.7″ and Long. = W 84°, 51′, 28.7″ with the Altitude = 889 ft. I do not have the precise bearing of the east wall that will be adjacent to the deck, but it is “close” to being due North-South. The spacing of the louvers is determined by the width, or rather “height”, of the louvers.

#2) I’m assuming there would be a similar, but opposing angle, for a roof on the west side of the house?

#3) I saw a web site showing how to calculate the overhang above a window to accomplish a similar objective, but it seemed that only one of the two angles would be calculated.





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    Perhaps use UV protected glass? Thus eliminating the glare and harmful effects while still enjoying the daylight safely. Just and idea. Hope I helped, and have a green day!

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