How is BP trying to make the oil spill right?



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    BP, or British Petroleum, has launched a page on their corporate web site to address their response to the spill.

    Among other things, BP has provided $10 million for a study of local health-related issues relating to the spill.

    According to BP, they also currently have deployed in the response program:
        27,267 people
        2,728 vessels
        34 aircraft

    They have spent over $8 billion, $489 million of which went to those filing claims.
    They have placed $20 billion in a claims escrow fund.

    They also claim to have skimmed 827,026 barrels of “oily liquid” and burned 265,450 barrels.

    Your question asks how they are trying to make it right. I guess the real question is, will all this effort be enough to make it right?

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