How is biochar good for the soil?



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    Biochar is great for soil for a variety of reasons.  It performs three main tasks: soak up and store water, store and disperse nutrients, and serve as a home for microbes.  It is far more absorptive than normal soil, so it is a great addition to any soil that doesn’t regularly get a lot of rainfall or water.  Ultimately it makes soil more ecofriendly and healthier.

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    Basically Biochar is made through a process called pyrolysis, a process in which biomass is heated in the absence of oxygen. When Biochar is incorporated into soil, it provides the structural habitat that is essential for a rich community of micro-organisms to take hold, so in a sense, it makes the soil healthier. Its use has been “shown to increase water retention, microbial activity, uptake of minerals by plants, as well as continued deposition of healthy soil.”

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