How big of a wind turbine do you need to generate 1KW of power?



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    For output, the size of a wind turbine doesn’t matter as much. For output over time, of course a larger turbine will generate energy more quickly, but even so the amount of energy generated would depend on the wind’s strength at the turbine’s location. Even a small turbine could potentially produce a kilowatt if it were in the right conditions and given enough time.

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    A 2kw wind turbine can a blade diameter around 10 feet. However, the American Wind Energy Association says that to install a useful wind turbine to offset your home’s power use, it should produce between 5kw and 15 kw. The organization says the average US home uses “9,400 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per year (about 780 kWh per month).”

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