How big was the Mayan empire when it was around?



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    The Maya Civilization extended through southern Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula, and northern Central America.  It was centralized around the Yucatan Peninsula (in red in the image) during the Classical Period (250-900 AD).  For uncertain reasons, the civilization collapsed and dispersed into the larger area (in black in the image).

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    The Maya civilization is one of the strong points of interests for anthropologists. During the Classic Period, the three most populated sites were those of Tikal with 62,000, Calakmul with 50,000 (both in the Central Zone), and Copan with 22,500 (in the Southeastern Zone). Some other significant cities during this time were:

    *Seibal with 7,577 (Pasión Zone)

    *Kaminaljuyu with 6,500 (Highlands)

    *Colha with 4,000 (Belize Zone)

    *Dos Pilas with 3,000 (Pasión Zone)

    *Altun Ha with 2,733 (Belize Zone)

    *Piedras Negras with 2,500 (Usumacinta Zone)

    *Barton Ramie with 1,400 (Belize Zone)

    *Altar de Sacrificios with 300 (Pasión Zone)

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