How big is the titanic compared to some of the bigger ships today?



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    Although not in service, the Knock Nevis had a tonnage of 260,941 (gross). The Titanic, while gigantic for its day and age of 1912, was only 46,328 tons. The largest seagoing ships at this time are carriers and cruise liners of the Oasis class at 225,282 gross tons, sadly enough.

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    I’d like to put this question into a bit more perspective. Today there are ships that sail the oceans which completely dwarf the Titanic. The Knock Nevis (1,504.10 ft (458.45 m) long) is the largest ship ever built, and you can see this in relative terms on the image below. If the Titanic had been on that same image, it would have been depicted between the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State building, as it measured 882 ft. (269.1 m) in length. That is almost two football fields difference in size. The largest Cruise ship currently in operation is the Oasis of the Seas, which is so large that it is unable to sail beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. While the Titanic was able to hold 3,547 people including crew, the Oasis of the Seas boasts a capacity of 8,461 people.knock nevis comparison

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