How big of a solar farm would we need to power the United States?



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    One solar farm produces about 1MW per every 8 acres of sun-land.  The US uses an estimated 1 million MWs.  That would mean that a solar farm would need to be approximately 8 million acres in order to power the whole country.


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    As technology continues to advance, the field of solar power does as well.  While an average solar farm may produce 1MW per every 8 acres of sun-land, we now have solar farms which produce 1MW of energy per roughly 3.5 acres of sun-land.  This would mean that it would take approximately 3.5 million acres of sun-land to power the whole country.  Even these advanced solar panel systems have a long way to go before they are truly efficient.  Currently, these panels can only transfer a max of 30% of the solar power they receive.  If technology allows us to perfect solar power, we may be able to power the United States with a 1 million acre solar farm.

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