How big is PepsiCo’s carbon footprint?



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    Probably massive. Unfortunately, it extremely difficult to find exact numbers for the entire company, in large part because data collection about PepsiCo’s footprint started only in the past few years. They’ve made public an environmental report on their efforts to improve sustainability, but the only numbers readily cited are percentages — “we’ve cut the emissions of our products by 7%” and the like, which is a good thing, but it would be even better if they released the numbers in terms of absolute amounts of emissions, too. PepsiCo has released information publicly about a couple of their brands’ carbon footprints, most notably Tropicana orange juice, but that accounts for only a portion of their total emissions considering just how many different brands PepsiCo owns. And, truthfully, despite all their best efforts to become as sustianable as possible, the fact that they are so big means their total footprint will probably always be larger than smaller companies. They claim their eventual goal is to have a net-neutral impact on the environment, which will probably require them to buy carbon offsets, etc., to make up for some of the unavoidable impacts of their manufacturing processes.

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