How big is a peacocks tail feathers?



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    The eye feathers of a peacock measure about 1.3 meters (just over 4 and 1/4 feet).

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    Mature peacock trains can be more than 5 feet or 1.5 meters in length. The peacock’s train reaches full growth at around age 6. Every year, the peacock molts – which means that its plumage falls off. It regrows fully however, in a period of about seven months or so.

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    there are actually several different types of peacock feathers, at least on the male.  there are a few rows of varied feathers.  the largest is the eye feathers mentioned above, there are also some short fuzzy white ones and a layer inbetween of small, ordinary white-ish feathers.  peacock feathers also get their unique look because peacocks eat thorns!



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