How big is Pakistan?



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    Pakistan has an area of 796,095 sq km and is the 36th largest country in the world. For more stats check the link below.

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    Pakistan is located in between Afghanistan and India. It has an area of 803,943 sq. km. (310,527 sq. mi.), which is about twice the size of California. Its capital city is Islamabad, with a population of 800,000, and the total population of the country in 2008 was 167,762,040 people. The people of Pakistan are comprised of different ethnic groups: Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashtun, Baloch, Muhajir Saraiki, and Hazara. Its natural resources include arable land, natural gases, oil, coal, iron ore, copper, salt, and limestone. Its agricultural products include wheat, cotton, rice, sugarcane, eggs, fruits, vegetables, milk, beef, and mutton.

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    Here’s a small map of Pakistan, to get a general idea of the size of the country in relation to other countries around it.

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    Curently, Pakistan is 803,940 square kilometers in size according to Encyclopedia of the Nations.  However in the future, Pakistan may become larger or smaller due to what may occur with the contested Kashmir region between the nation, China, and India.  The Kashmir region at 85,000 square miles may partially become part of Pakistan.

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