How big is the offshore wind farm in Denmark?



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    As of January 2010, Denmark has 8 offshore wind farms working, producing a total of 619 MW of electricity. The newest and biggest farm is the Horns Rev 2, put into operation in 2009, with 91 Siemens SWP 2.3-93 type wind turbines, this farm alone produces 209 MW. Second largest is the Horns Rev 1, from 2002, with 80 Vestas V80-2MW turbines, with a capacity of 160 MW. 

    Denmark was a pioneer in developing wind energy in the 1970s, and currently produce about 20% of the countries energy needs, but half of that is sold to Germany, Norway and Sweden. The offshore wind farms account for around 1/5 of the total wind farms found in Denmark. 

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