How big is the mermaid aquarium in Florida?



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    The mermaids swim in at the Weeki Wachee National Park. more than 170 million gallons of water runs out of the subterranean caverns daily. The spring’s basin is 100ft wide and 16 to 20 feet deep. The spring’s basin sides are limestone, and there is a current that is about 5 miles per hour.

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    I think you are referring to the Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, about an hour north of Tampa. Nicknamed the City of Live Mermaids, Weeki Wachee is an actual spring that has become one of Florida’s oldest attractions. The first “mermaids” performed in the underwater theater in 1947. The website claims that the spring is do deep the “bottom has never been found”, and each day over 117 million gallons of water come out of the underwater caves. The spring’s basin is 100 feet wide, and the “mermaids” swim 15-20 feet under the water’s surface. The current actually runs five miles an hour where they perform.T he Weeki Wachee River runs 12 miles to the Gulf of Mexico.

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