How big of an industry is climate change?



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    Climate change has become a mainstream business issue that has generated a large amount of interest. Many companies are “capitalizing on climate change” by making energy and climate policies. Climate change is no longer only a concern for scientists or politicians but for business people as well. The green market is cerating a lot of profit and growing extremely fast so companies want to get as much of it as they can. .

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    If businesses view climate change as an industry, they are not getting at the real problems and any success they get from doing so will only be temporary. Climate change isn’t an “industry.” It is a phenomenon of environmental forces that is affecting the entire planet, and therefore all human industries. Since you placed your question in the Climate Policy category, I would venture to put forth that climate change policy is a very very big monster of a challenge. It isn’t tied to any industries either, but will affect most traditional ones like manufacturing, construction, and energy.

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