How big do reindeer get?



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    Fully grown females can weigh up to 370 pounds while a male can weigh up to 700lbs! Reindeer antlers also add to the animal’s size with some reaching 39 in in width and 53 in long.

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    Male reindeer tend to be larger than female reindeer. The weight of female reindeer may vary between 60 to 170 kg and can measure between 162-205 cm in lenght. The larger male reindeer can weight between 100-318 kg. and measure between 180-214 cm. in length. The should height of reindeers can measure from 80-150 centimeters and the tail adds an additional 14-20 centimeters. The antlers of reindeer are very large, second largest after the moose. They have the largest antlers relative to body size among deer. 

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