How big do polar bears normally get?



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    Polar Bears are the largest land carnivore. Males, called boars, get to be three times the size of females, called sows. Boars weigh about 772-1,433 pounds and are 8-9 feet long. Sows weigh about 330-550 pounds and are 6.5-8.2 feet long. The largest polar bear ever recorded was a male who weighed 2,208 pounds and was 12 feet long!

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    Male polar bears weigh about 800-1600 lbs, and are about 10-11 ft long and 5 ft at the shoulder. Female polar bears are 1/3 the size of male polar bears. They weigh 500-700 lbs and get 7.5 ft long and 4’10 at the shoulder.

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