How big do African rock pythons get?



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    The African rock python is native to… yep, Africa.  They like to be close to water or forests and a warm climate.  They can grow to be 30 ft and up 250 pounds.  These are the third largest snakes in the world.  They can live up to a year without food if what they ate is large enough to sustain it for a long time.

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    The African Rock Python is the largest snake in Africa at 20 feet long. They are known in Africa to eat antelope, warthogs, and other small to medium sized animals. They are known to be an extremely mean and “ill-tempered” snake which, although nonvenomous, makes them very dangerous. According to the National Geographic article below, the Rock Pythons have been found in Florida, a very worrisome invasion. At the time of publication, the snakes had only been found in one square mile in a suburban area, but biologists are very fearful that they could spread and become one of Florida’s worst nightmares.

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