How big is the carbon footprint of a Las Vegas hotel and casino?



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    It might actually be surprisingly small. Vegas is ranked 18th in the US’s 100 highest carbon footprint city (which isn’t great, but all things vegas considered, is still surprisingly low). Most casino’s offer enough accomodations that visitors don’t have to leave the casino complex to meet their needs. Also keep, in mind that vegas gets some of its energy from the hoover dam, a renewable (though possibly depleting) energy source. And Vegas is making it’s best efforts to “Go Green”, with one recent development having 42% of it’s spaces walk out into open air, rather than wasting material on an exterior shell. Considering that there are only 9 cities with more than a million people (vegas maintains a population around 2 million at any given point in time) it’s not doing that bad, though still has plenty of room for improvement

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