How big can whales get?



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         The largest species of whale, the blue whale, is also the largest species known to have ever lived on earth. Blue whales can be as long as 100 feet (300 meters) and weigh more than 200 tons (181 metric tons). The blue whale’s tongue alone weighs as much as an elephant and their hearts can weigh as much as a car. A baby blue whale is born weighing up to three tons and gains 200 pounds a day drinking its mother’s milk.

         Blue whales are also among the earth’s longest-lived animals. Their average lifespan is 80 to 90 years.


    A drawing showing the difference in size between a human and a blue whale


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    The size of a whale can vary depending on the species. The smallest whale species is the dwarf sperm whale. This member of the sperm whale family reaches a maximum length of 2.7 meters and average weight of about 272 kilograms.



    Bowhead whales can reach lengths between 50-60 feet and humpback whales can reach lengths of 52 feet as well. 


    The website below has a list of numerous whale species and the average sizes of adults.

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