How big can squid get?



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    The colossal squid, the largest squid species, is estimated to grow as large as 39 to 46 feet long.  However, this number is a rough estimate as there are very few known specimens of the colossal squid.  The largest known specimen is was 31 ft long, and weighed in at almost 1100 lbs.

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    The colossal squid is the largest species of squid and one of the largest of any living creature on earth. Not much is known about the colossal squid as they are very difficult to find. Off the coast of New Zealand in February of 2007 the largest species to ever be caught was reeled in. In weighed in at 1,090 pounds and measured 33 feet long. Certainly there are bigger fish in the sea and most likely that record will be broken as we continue to do research on these massive aquatic animals. 

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    For the most part giant squids remain to be a mystery for scientists. They are the biggest invertebrates on Earth. The largest giant squid that was ever found was 59 feet long and weighed almost a ton. Even so these carnivores on average grow to be 33 feet long and weigh about 440 lbs.

    Their deep sea habitat makes them hard to catch and therefore scientist have a hard time studying the creatures. Scientists do know that these creatures have the largest eyes in the animal kingdom. They can be as large as the size of a beach ball. Their likely diets consists of fish, shrimp, other squids and are said to even prey on small whales. unfortunately, Scientists don’t know enough about these squids to know for sure what their range is but their dead bodies have been found all over the world.

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