How big can sawfish get?



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    A sawfish is actually not a fish, but a type of ray.  It is unsure exactly how many species of sawfish exist, but according to the World Register of Marine Species there are four.  The Smalltooth Sawfish and the Largetooth Sawfish are the two that live off the United States coast.  The Small and Largetooth are named for the size of the “teeth” on their snouts, rather than their body size. Both the Smalltooth and the Largetooth sawfish reach lengths  of approximately 16 to 20 feet.  The Green Sawfish, which resides off the coast of Africa and Australia, can get to about 24 feet in length.

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    According to Sea World, sawfish can get up to 6ft. For more quick facts, look at the Sea World site. 


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