How big can sand crabs get?



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    Female sand crabs can grow up to about 1.4 inches long and one inch wide.  Males tend to be smaller, and can only reach about one inch in length.

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    They can grow to 35 mm long and 25 mm wide.  Females have a longer carapace (what appears to be their body, however this doesn’t include the abdomen) ranging from 14 – 35 mm, whereas the carapace of a male is only 10 – 22 mm.  

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    Sand Crabs are also known as Sand Fleas. They are usually the size of the thumb but can grow to be one and half inches. These creatures spend most of the time buried in the shifting sand. They are a gray, tan color which is great camouflage in the sand.

    They feed in the swash zone, which is the area in which the waves break. Sand crabs are preyed upon by fishes, seabirds and land birds. Sand crabs mate during Spring and Summer. A female Sand crab can lay up to 45,000 eggs. She carries all the eggs on her abdomen until they hatch in thirty days. Then afterwards for two to four months, the larvae drift like plankton in the water where they are spread to different areas.

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