How big can rats get?



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    Rats’ body length ranges from 9 to 11 inches with another 7 to 9 inches in the tail.  Some rats have been as heavy as two pounds, but that’s rare.



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    There are 64 different species of rat and each of them will have its own average size, so it is difficult to give an overall average. The most common species of rat is the black rat and they range from about 1 to 1.5 feet in length including the tail. Despite all the different species of rats this size is certainly not uncommon. In 2007, scientist discovered a new species of giant rat in Papua New Guinea that measured 32.2 inches in length and weighed over 3 pounds. 

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    The average life span of rats is 2–3 years; mice 1–2 years. How big rats get in body length of adult rats is 9–11 inches; mice 3–4 inches; with an average tail length of 7–9 inches in rats and 3–4 inches in mice. How big rats get in body weight for rats is 350–450 grams for a female, 450–650 grams for a male; mice 30 grams each sex. There have been a few adult male rats that weighed 2 pounds!


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    There is also the strange and rare phenomena of “rat kings.” It is a pretty gross situation which arrises when lots of rats become intertwines at the tails and are then joined by blood, dirt, and excrement. This would be the largest case of any recorded rat given that you count the whole rat king entity as “one.”

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