How big can a mountain lion get?



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    Adult mountain lions are typically 30 inches in height and 8 feet long. Average weights for males are 115 to 198 pounds and females 64 to 141 pounds. The largest ever recorded mountain lion weighed 276 pounds.

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    Mountain lions can get up to 96 inches in length, and male mountain lions can get up to 227 pounds with females only ever reaching about 176 pounds maximum. The average mountain lion weighs around 136 pounds. The largest mountain lion ever recorded was 276 pounds. Mountain lions are the largest North American cats.

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    I recall that there is a record of a mountain lion that allegedly weighed 276 pounds even after the animal’s intestines were removed.  This individual was killed in Arizona in 1917.  However, it may be that the weight cited for the animal is incorrect.  There is also reference to a 265 pound specimen killed in Utah and one killed by Theodore Roosevelt in 1901 reportedly weighed 227 pounds.

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