How big can manta rays get?



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    The largest one to be found was reportedly 30 feet across, while the largest one to be reported in scientific literature was 22 feet across. However, the ones commonly encountered by people are usually 12 feet across. Newborn manta rays tend to measure four feet across. Manta rays can be found all around the world “in tropical to warm temperate seas.”

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    A typical manta ray is 10-16 feet in length, has a span of 14-20 feet, and weighs somewhere around 3000 pounds.  There have been several reports of manta rays having a span of 30 feet, although most of the manta rays that humans encounter have a span of about twelve feet accross.

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    Manta Rays are the largest known species of Ray. Manta Rays can grow to a width of 25 feet and weigh up to 5,000 pounds! Their large size makes them almost impossible to eat, and their only known predators are sharks and orcas.

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