How big can lobsters get?



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    The biggest lobster ever recorded weighed 44 pounds and 41 inches long and was caught off the coast of Canada in 1977. There is no set growth for lobsters in general, however. Lobster growth rate is determined by the salinity of the water, availability of food and shelter, water temperature and frequency of regeneration. The average lobster served in a restaurant is 1 to 1.5 pounds.

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    A lobster grows throughout it’s entire lifetime by molting, a process through which it gets rid of it’s old shell and simultaneously absorbs water to increase it’s body size. This will happen frequently in the first few years of life, and then less often as the lobster ages. On average, lobsters can grow to be over three feet in length. Market size for a lobster is one pound, which is believed to be when the lobster is between 5-7 years old. There are many variables that go into a lobsters size, so it is difficult to determine age based on size, or how big an individual lobster will grow to.

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