How big can halibut get?


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    Pretty big!  One of the biggest Pacific halibut ever caught weighed in at 533 pounds!  It was 8 feet and 2 inches.  Check out the photo at the site below.

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    The halibut is the largest flat fish, averaging 24-30 pounds, but catches as large as 734 pounds have been reported. The largest recently recorded was 470 pounds and 8.2 feet long. 

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    Halibut can grow up to eight feet long, and weigh more than 700 pounds, which is a lot fo fish, but an excellent thing for pescetarians!

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    According to the link below, the average size of a halibut is about 24 to 30 lbs. 


    This makes it hthe biggest flatfish in the world.  The largest halibut weighed 470 lbs and was 8.2 ft.  There are some reports of a 733 lb halibut, but there aren’t any official records.

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    The Pacific Halibut can get really big around 8ft. long and 530lb. but there are only a few that are that big! So you would be really lucky if you saw one!!

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    Check out this 348.2 pound halibut!

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    The world’s largest halibut was caught in Northern Norway. It weighed in at 197kg!

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    The average maximum California Halibut is 152cm long.  That is as of 1996.

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    Pacific Halibut can grow up to 2.7 meters in length and the website lists that they can also weigh up to 800 pounds although the largest halibut ever discovered was mentioned by paolomiguel as the first answer.  There may be a larger one lurking 600 fathoms deep that hasn’t been caught or seen yet.

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    The halibut is a flat fish. They are highly sought after for food and  fresh halibut meat will last two to three days in the refrigerator and  the Alaska halibut is the largest flatfish in the world. They are flat sideways and for the most part lie on one side of their body. The average Alaskan Halibut can grow more than eight feet long  and weigh around seven hundred pounds.

    The halibut is popular for its delicate sweet flavor and firm flaky meat. Halibuts are a great source of protein and minerals. They are low in sodium, fat, and calories and are considered to have a low number of bones.  These fish are popular and their cheeks are considered to be a delicacy. Their cheeks are known to be sweet and flavorful.

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