How big can hail balls get?



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    The largest hail stone ever recorded in the US fell in South Dakota. It was around 8 inches in diameter and weighed around 2 pounds. Usually, any hail store bigger than a golf ball is considered pretty big.

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    Hail stones are typically about a quarter of an inch in diameter, comparable to the size of a pea, but some have been known to be much bigger. The largest ones ever recorded fell in India in 1939, and weighed in at 7.5 pounds! Some scientists think that these may have actually been smaller hail stones that stuck together after melting slightly, accounting for their size. Whether that is the case or not, the next largest recorded stones were 2.5 pounds each, befalling Bangladesh in 1986. Although rare, abnormally large hail stones can damage cars, break windows, ruin crops, and even result in the deaths of humans and animals.

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