How big can grizzly bears get?



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    A Grizzly Bear can weigh as much as 850 pounds, but tend to weigh between 300-500 pounds. From snout to rear foot, the Grizzly bear can be as long as 7 feet.  Grizzly Bears live between 20-25 years, and can run as fast as 35 mph.

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    Male grizzly bears or brown bears weigh between 400-1700 lbs, and stand about 5 ft tall at the shoulder. From head to tail, the grizzly bear is about 8 ft long. Standing on two feet, the grizzly bear can be 8 or 9 ft tall, or possible up to 10 ft tall. Female grizzly bears are about 1/2 the weight of male grizzly bears. The coastal brown bear or kodiak bear is a larger species of brown bear than the grizzly bear. Grizzly bears are about the size of siberian or amur brown bears. The coastal brown bear is actually the worlds largest bear, weighing more than a polar bear.

    The biggest grizzly bear ever seen in the world was killed in alaska. It weighed about 1600 lbs, and was 12.5 ft tall from ground to shoulder, and 14 ft tall to the head. When standing up on two feet, this giant creature was so tall that it can see through the windows of a 2 story house!

    Another time, a kodiak bear was killed in 1951, where this record said that the bear weighed 2500 lbs. It was considered to be the worlds biggest brown bear in the world, and in fact the worlds biggest bear species.

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