How big can giant coconut crabs get?



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    Coconut crabs are the largest land-dwelling invertebrates in the world.  Coconut crabs have a leg span of about one meter (around three and a half feet), and can weigh as much as three kilograms.  They live mainly on small islands scattered across the Indian and Pacific Oceans, and dig burrows on land for shelter.  Coconut crabs are also famous for climbing in trees in search of coconuts to eat – though they will also feed on variety of other plant and scavenged material. 

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    The nocturnal Birgus latro, or the coconut crab, the robber crab or the palm thief, is typically around 16 inches in length, weighing about 9 pounds with a leg span of 3 feet or more. Males are usually larger than females. Some literature has reported the coconut crab to weigh 30 pounds and measure 6 feet across, but those reports have not been substantiated. The 10-legged arthropod can live up to 30 years.

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    Cocunut crabs are fascinating invertebrates.  They are considered the whale of the arthropods.  To answer your question, the adult crab has a leg span of about 1 m, a body that is about 40 cm in length, and weighs about 17 kg.  They live to around 60 years! 

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