How big can cactus get?



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    This depends on the species. The cardon and saguaro cacti are some of the larger species and have been know to reach great heights. The Sonora Desert in Baja California is beleived to have some of the tallest cacti in the US with one measuring 63 feet tall(cardon species).

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    Some species of cacti can get really large! In the Sonora Desert in SW United States and northern Mexico there are arboreal cacti, including the sagauro cactus.

    However, other cacti are quite small or medium in size. Because of their unique adapations to live in hot environments with little water, most remain relatively small in size.

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    On an interesting sidenote, the Saguaro cactus only grows 1 foot every 10 years! So if you see a really tall Saguaro, you know it’s really old!  One that is 7 feet is about 70 years old!Saguaro Cactus

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