How big can American alligators get?



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    According to several sites visited the fresh water American alligator depending on sex can range from 8-15 feet in length and can weigh up to 1000 pounds (453kg). The average male tends to be about 10-15 feet while the female ranges from 7-9.8 feet in length at average full size. But in the early 1900’s there was an alligator trapped in the State Louisiana which was over 19 feet long.

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    Adult males average between 13.1-14.8 ft, females usualy grow to about 9 ft.  They are typically 400-500 lbs., however, they have been known to weigh up to 1000 lbs.  It is estimated that there are over one million American Alligators but they are still considered to be a threated species.  

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