How big can aloe Vera plants get?



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    “There are around 250 species ranging in size from a few inches to a few feet”

    Another cool site about AV plant history is:

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    There are somewhere between 250-400 known species of Aloe, the most common being the Aloe Barbansis Miller (Aloe Vera), that grow to be anywhere from a few centimeters up to 100 centimeters tall. A mature leaf on an Aloe Vera plant will be about 7-10 centimeters wide at the base.

    If you are looking to grow a large Aloe Vera plant, consider planting outdoors (they will usually grow larger outdoors) but make sure you are in the right climate. The Aloe Vera plant likes to be in full to partial sun and cannot stand frost. For more information check out the links in the citations below.

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    TOO damned big. I have no aloe right now since they got so big they began to take over the house. And when they get so big they easily harbor fruit flies and other insect life. Yuck.

    But they are get for burns.

    Otherwise, I would recommend making comfrey oil for burns and cuts, scrapes. It ROCKS!!

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