how big can alligator gar get?



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    An alligator gar can get up to 10 feet long and weigh up to 300 pounds. The average life span on a female alligator gar is 50 years, while a male’s is 36 years. Today they only exist in the wild in North and Central America, mainly in the US southwest such as the waters of Texas and Oklahoma. Alligator gars are not alligators but carnivorous fish, yet their alligator looking mouths are the reason for their name. They are usually olive green or yellow and have scales on their bodies.

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    The largest freshwater fish in North America and the largest of the garfishes, the alligator gar fish reach 8 to 10 feet long and 200 pounds at maturity.  The largest alligator gar ever caught was 365 pounds.  Getting its name from the alligator-like appearance of their teeth, the alligator gar fish has a dual row of long fanged teeth that it uses to tear its prey.  Using its large teeth, the alligator gar feeds on smaller fishes, water birds, small mammals, turtles and carrion.

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    The Mississippi Department of Wildlife believes an alligator gar caught in February of this year to be the biggest ever caught. The fish weighed 327 pounds and was almost 8.5 feet long and 47.95 inches wide.The previous record was held by a 302 pound gar caught in the sixties.


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